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Alester Leong, the co-founder and CEO of Momentum Studios or better known as MStudios, started the company back in 2014 together with Chien, a local singer songwriter and lifelong partner of his.

The company started off as a live music performance platform based in Kuching, Sarawak where musicians would come together to perform for corporate events, concerts, wedding events and such.


Gradually, Alester became inspired in the field of audio, visual and events production and continued to develop towards this direction. MStudios today is a growing and thriving audio visual production company and has a multitude of successful events produced under the brand.

In a fast moving world today, Alester believes that the consistent ability to “Diversify and Innovate” is what will set the company ahead of the competition and grow through good times and bad. These are the qualities that have carried the company forward during the pandemic, and will continue to do so for the future to come.

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